Graphic design has a new cash-cow. The visual identities around contemporary real estate development display a beautifully embellished aspirational face – but just how well do these match the often generic, pre-fabricated product? Try to match the identity with the real estate. It may be harder than you think.

Art + Sould Development
Bouliste Development
Jacques Development
Luxton Development
B Development
C3 Development
Essence Development
Haus Development
Queens Development
Art + Sould Branding
Bouliste Branding
Jacques Branding
Luxton Branding
B Branding
C3 Branding
Essence Branding
Haus Branding
Queens Branding


  1. Click on a real-estate development.
  2. Click on the matching identity.
    If they are a correct match, both choices will turn green.
  3. Once you have nine correct answers, the timer will stop and you will be redirected to the leaderboard.
  4. If all else fails, you can always use the red cheat button.

Good luck!